3/18/2013 08:58:49

To what extent can the new lake, Zakher, be detrimental to the already existing desert ecosystem?

Before I delve deeper into this topic, I would personally like to commend the UAE for promoting better usage of their water resources. Not only do they desalinate their water from the sea, but they keep recycling said water in different aspects of their society (i.e. industry, farming, etc.)

Back to the topic, I do believe that Lake Zakher is causing detrimental harm to the desert, however, the pros of the creation of Lake Zakher outweigh the cons. The cons are just being the "various" amounts of species already there possibly going extinct. But the pros are "wintering birds and birds on passage," meaning that these birds will gather around this water source. This will in turn promote mating grounds, possibly a tourist attraction, and other activities that will spur the countries economy and ecological perspectives. There is also the fact that other species, besides the avian variety, will come and drink from this "fountain of life." Such species, as stated on the CNN website, are geckos and small reptilian creatures.

Overall, I think that Lake Zakher has a promising future ahead of it for the birds, I am not sure though that various ecological scientists will be all to happy about it...

3/19/2013 04:35:08

In United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a blue lake in the sand dune, which is man-made oasis. It is unintended byproduct of the UAE’s water management practices (desalination system). They relied on this water management practices for domestic use and industry. Many people worried because UAE is one of the best sites for birds’ habitat in winter and passage for birds. Even though the process is energy-intensive, but it doesn’t guarantee long-term effect (potential harm)
Also we don’t understand how it is affecting all the various species that do live naturally within this environment.

Is there other technique to provide water to people?
How can we sure it doesn’t have any harm to environment?
To what extent should we harm nature for our convenient?

3/19/2013 10:22:14

To what extent, environmentalist could say that people damage the nature?

There's a man-made lake in UAE, which has been oasis of many organisms in desert. Many people think man-made things almost-always damage the nature, however, it has been benefit to people and other animals. However, it just provide them the water only, and we couldn't sure that it contributes positively to nature. I think whatever it is made for rescue animals from the ecological danger, and whatever it shows good result, it'll be limited in short rem. Also, it could cause another environmental problem because it is stil not natural. All the organisms will become to be rely on the man-made environments.

Catherine Kim
3/21/2013 12:30:46

Is it ethical to destroy the natural environment for our own benefit? Whatever the reason it is, is it 'right' thing to make a fake 'nature'? make a man-made lake might benefits not only for human for cultivate their land and for their water source, but also for the marine animals and plants, and also it will form another ecosystem. It can be one of tourist site that the local people can have benefits from the tour business. As I mentioned, the man-made lake will helps to develop the economy. However, we before we think about the benefits that followed the man-mad lake, we should think about the drawback of the man-made lake. In other words, we should no think the short-term of it, but we should think in long-term. In short term, we might get lots of benefits economically, but when we see it in long-term, it might costs a lot. Since man-made lake is the lake that is made by human by digging in to the land and etc. so, someday, it can cause flood, and other natural disasters. Then, it will negatively affect on not only to human, but also to the environment it self. Thus, I think for our future, and next generation, we better not make man-made lake, but it will be better to managing existing natural lakes.

Woo Min
3/21/2013 15:39:35

According to the article, a lake appeared in the middle of the desert due to human activity of Desalination in United Arab Emirates.The knowledge issue arising from this is how can we consider a inccident good or bad.

It is clear that the humans did not intend to make a lake. However, their activity did create a great change amongst the numeral organisms in the desert. Birds, for one has gained a huge advantage from the water depot that they can use during thier flight.
But does this mean this is a good incident?

In the area of ethics, there is a theory call utilitarianism that says a good action or incident is when the overall happiness gained from the event is bigger than the pain caused by it.

In the article, it is stated that the lake might work as a life threating disadvantage for many other creatures in the area that has been living there. Because we do not know the amount of pain caused to these, animal, we cannot decided it is a good choice or not until futher investigation shows up.

4/9/2013 04:01:01

From the country’s policies, Emirate has operated many new technologies to maintain their development, for example, the reclamation projects. In this article, people started a debate on man-made desert lake. The UAE’s water management practices brought people aesthetic values but also some environmental troubles.
To what extent has artificial technology in such a culture background influenced people’s lives? Whether wild animals will get benefits from it? The existence of the lake plays an important role in human domestic uses, and we couldn’t measure how much could animals gets harmed by the technology. We don’t have evidence to prove that the removal of the man-made lake will be a right choice that satisfies both sides.

Kyle Jeon
4/11/2013 11:15:21

To what extent, it is okay to change environment for human’s development?

According to the news, the manmade lake (manmade oasis) Lake Zakher provide many benefit to many species. However, it also can be an ecological disaster because it’s affecting all the various species that do live naturally within this environment. It means, artificial structure overruling the course of the nature. Human is also part of the environment of the earth. As human is also part of the earth, we should follow the rule of environment. Although, the change benefits the human for a while, this change will become a threat in the future. People should not only satisfy with the present. People should be able to see the future. People should aware the outcome of the changing the environment. We have to think from the environment point of view.


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