Frederick Tan
1/9/2013 22:27:37

Technology today is advancing at a very fast speed. More and more people are become technocentric everyday. They always want to get the latest gadgets that hit the markets and then throw away their old ones because they are now out of date. One must ethically considered how we handle old technologies such as iPhone 1 or iPad 1 or old laptops. The materials that make up these machines can potentially kill species in the environment by ingestion or habitat destruction. So we need to consider: To what extent is a technocentric view of the world better than an ecocentric view of the world? Do we destroy all the advancements we've made in technology just so that we can live in peace and harmony with nature? Or do we continue to become more modernized and sophisticated, that we slowly become blinded by the damaged we've caused to the balance of this world?

1/10/2013 13:24:01

IT is growing rapidly and now has already become part of life our life. In order to harmonize with the IT and use it more efficiently, people should explore more about using them usefully. Recycling, selling and donating technological devices can be one of such attitudes. Just like protecting environment and natural resources, we should also protect and save technological materials and items, and this should be usual for all the IT citizens. That way, much of the materials will be saved!


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