Min Jun Sun
10/24/2012 11:50:43 pm

The first thing came up to my mind when i read the title of this article, was "To what extent can we say these species are new species?" when i read this topic, it reminded me of an article i read before in the past, where first scientists said that they have discovered new species, but afterwards they realized that it was just different form of previous species. However, our perception from scientists, and language said by scientists, always bother our decision making skills. We have this solid perception which states "what scientists says are most likely the truth". But now, it is time for us to consider how much can we, or should we trust in what scientist say.
In the other hand, we also have to consider the ethical dilemma for this situation. if new species are found, it is our job and our responsibility to preserve them, and prevent them from becoming extinct. If it was not humans' curiosity towards wanting to discover something new, those species might still have been having peaceful life without any distractions. But now, they will be watched by humans, and captured by humans to do some animal testings if necessary.

Terry NAM
10/25/2012 02:06:04 am

Compare to the news article that introduced newly enlisted endangered species, this article has much more optimistic contents. However, just like what Minjun said, I think scientists need to verify that those newly found species are actually the "new" species.

Furthermore, I hate to write a negative comment on an optimistic article, however, I came up with KI, "how far animals are benefited from being discovered by humans?" For some animals, people might like them and take care of them a lot. However, for other animals, they might exploit them to fulfill their greeds.

I usually enjoy reading others' comments on news articles, and what really touched me was the comment that said "Poor things, I often think that the worst thing that can happen to a species is that the human population 'discovers' them" by rad666. Actually, while I was reading the article, my first reaction was "it's good" - but after reading some pathetic comments, my reaction has been totally changed.

Since people have more chances of being educated and since the detrimental consequences of animals being extinct are widely known, I hope people not to exploit animals but to take care of them as they do to their favorite animals.

Paul Ahn
10/25/2012 11:05:06 am

Why it is important for human to find new species. Why it became important issue recently?
Now days, finding new species became very important issue for human. It is because that many species are extinct and endanger. Human realized that many ecosystem is destroyed and species are disappeared. It is due to human activity.


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