Terry Nam
1/27/2013 04:45:30 pm

"To what extent is an activity to increase the awareness of global issue purely for the world?"

I found this article title very interesting, and thus decided to read. The article contained very interesting facts and it was very surprising that they have attracted more than 3,800 visitors.

Although this activity was first designated for the world's good, the question is that whether these artists were playing the emotions of people, especially environmentalists to give strong impressions of themselves or they started this purely for the environment.

However, regardless of the reason behind this project, they truly deserve high recognition for their marvelous works.

Laura Yu
3/21/2013 11:55:22 am

The pollution of the environment is getting serious every day. People try to invent new technologies to mitigate the environmental problems. They also find out various types of promotion way to raise awareness from people, such as using trashes into artworks. In fact, people have different aesthetic views on artworks and they might have subjective feelings when they see these artworks, or we can say they have different opinions on these recycled artworks. So, when the enviornmental problems combined with the art issues, to what extent can it affect majority of people to protect the environment?


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