Terry NAM
2/27/2013 12:06:43

To what extent, can exploitment of animals be justified if it is to improve the efficiency of works? Improving the efficiency of flights is, of course, a positive development, as it can save much energy and many other factors. However, if it is achieved by exploiting numerous sharks, is it fine?

Interestingly, swimming suits made with shark skins were banned. Through this case, I suppose that people make the decision that it is fine to exploit animals if it is for the whole ecoysstem (less energy emission would benefit not only humans but also animals, as well as the nature), whereas it can never be justified if only human (swimmers in this case) can gain benefits. However, we have to consider that if sharks can be uitilized as a method to flourish the environment.

Yeon Ho
2/27/2013 12:50:05

Shark skin on the plane is not even scientifically not proven yet. It is basically correct that shark skin could decrease the friction in water. however, although the friction is decreased, using shark skin to air plain would impact the marine ecosystem. The problem is that is this kind of hunting like Hong Kong people spend shark's fin and on the top of the loof there are a lot of shark's fin too.

My question is "is it eligible that people can kill sharks although it could break the food web in marine ecosystem


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