Terry NAM
1/9/2013 04:54:25 pm

It is no longer surprising to see articles that talk about extinctions of animals, pollutions caused by human behaviors, or human's hunting animals for their benefits like this article.

Of course, people have done many things for the environment, but having learned many cases about human's threatening behaviors, I one day started to have this question. "Would the earth have its best environment back if human becomes extinct?"

If people are the main contributor to the pollution, maybe our disappearance would be beneficial to the earth.

Yejin Son
1/9/2013 11:50:15 pm

Even though most people are against about killing animals for product, there are still many poachers killing animals which lead animals to encounter 'extinction'.
In this article, it said that elephants were killed by poachers, because the ivory of elephant is a production which sells in Hong Kong.
The question that I arise at this point is- "If ivory was the production that had been sold around the world, would people still think about this issue as a big problem?"- because the ivory is being sold just in Hong Kong, other countries can't agree with their behavior.

Christopher Sim
1/9/2013 11:54:16 pm

This gun game has became more than just a 'hunt' for the poachers but it is becoming more of a mini-warfare between the 'ill-equipped' rangers and them. We must consider the one fact that these invaluable animals (especially tigers, rhinos elephants, antelopes, etc.) are still on demand within the market, and should conflict go on we might expect poachers to begin their own poach for protectors of nature (the rangers themselves).

Men claim that the cause of war originates from women, apparently animals are now placed within this equation according to this article. So, warfare is the product of desires, but how true does this get?

It's also worth questioning the role of the gun these days. Fire it at the animal who is charging? Fire it at the animal while you charge first? Fire it at the person about to fire his/her gun onto the animal? Fire it at both the animal and the person holding the gun? Or make an agreement with the person holding the gun and both of you shoot the animal and eat its meat for dinner? Simply put, the nature of animals interferes annoyingly with how humankind thinks, handles and manage the Earth.

Catherine Kim
2/1/2013 09:17:11 pm

Not only elephants, but also the other animals are suffering from hunting. Mostly people are hunting the animals for their own benefits. and over hunting might lead to extinction of species. As the article mentioned, people are hunting a lot of elephants to get ivory from them. What's more, the serious problem is they are doing that illegally. To get small part of the animal, they are killing, taking their lives. Do you think this is ethical way to treat the animals? As I said before, not only elephant, but also the other animals, such as deer, bear, birds, and etc. are suffering from illegal hunting by human. They kill bear because they think gall bladder of a bear is good for health. But there is no study about the gall bladder of a bear, and even worse, it can harm the body. However, illegal hunters keep hunting so they wish they can earn money by selling those unproved things to the other people. and it seems this business gets larger and larger. If people are not aware of what they are doing, it will be in lot of trouble. so I hope people can think not for short term, but for long term, then decide what they are going to do.


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