Yeonho HONG
1/10/2013 10:25:52

A lot of shark were tributed for human's avarice. However, shark's fins are very popular still. Isn't this shark hunting damage the environment?
Aren't they finally die after they lose their fins?
TOK Question: do we have to ban shark fishing?

Cherry Sang
1/14/2013 22:30:45

As the shark fin soup is always being a famous cantonese dish, therefore not many people would give up on eating such 'valuable' dish even though hunting sharks are not ethical.
So here's the question, "To what extent people are willing to change their lifestyle when there is a conflict between their lifestyle and ethical issues, and what are the external factors?"

Christopher Sim
1/15/2013 22:17:28

Cherry Sang, if it is unethical to hunt for shark fins it is essential one has to tell these fishermen this. Okay, that's fine. But what if we lived in a world of infinite resource, and sharks will never go extinct will it still be unethical?

To what extent does the concept of limited resources, scarcity and death determine ethics?


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