12/13/2012 08:59:19

I knew that weather disasters like drought, flood, tornado would affect the crops in some way, but feels even more serious about this as this can make people to suffer in everyday like; even to put some food on table.

In order to lessen the damage caused by the natural disasters and severe weather, people should try to approach the ideal environmentally friendly life as much as possible. Most of the people know that we should lessen the emission of CO2 and other toxic gases by lessen or stop burning fuels, walk rather than drive, do not use spray etc. Most of the people say they would stop doing those, and really carry them out into actions in their life.

However, as time goes, people gradually return back to their original patterns and life. This is quite common among most of the people. Hence in my opinion, the society should create the commonness of having hybrid cars or walking for the most of the time, burning of fuel as unacceptable etc. to make them feel something that we should be doing. Babies can habitualize these good habits to theirs!

My TOK quesiont is: "To what extent "world news about world food prices going up by natural disasters" can motivate readers to protect environment not for a short amount of time, but in terms of long time and make it their habits?"

Catherine Kim
1/14/2013 00:07:51

Food is the basic good which is necessary to our lives. and this means we are living with nature everyday, because the food we eat everyday is based on nature, such as grains, fruits, meats, and etc. Human beings are using nature to produce products and they are earning money from economic activities. Looking at big picture, it is not that human beings are developing themselves, but human have developed with nature. To give an example, in the past, people devised airplane due to the shape of a bird. and clock is devised due to the Sun. It is clear that nature has helped the human alot in different ways. but still, most of people are not much considering about the nature. and suddenly knowing about the superiority of the nature due to natural disasters, such as flood, drought, and etc. Nature might not be the most important factor that influences the price of the food, but it accounts for quite big part if humans are disregarding the superiority of the nature. Thus, to avoid shortage of food supply or sudden skyrocketing price of food, we better knowing about preciousness of the nature.


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