bella park
3/18/2013 22:52:11

Is the increase of the chronic disease cause economic growth exactly? Is it benefit for the society?
Someone said that increasing chronic disease will represent a 45 billion opportunity for drug makers and economic growth by 2020. Although chronic disease cause economic growth, people should find some special methods to prevent increasing of the chronic disease. If this continues, the death rate will be increased rapidly and maybe it will bring other upgraded disease to people.
Moreover, people should research about why this disease usually appeared in the western country and then develop more adaptable treatment for the western people who suffered by chronic disease.

Yejin Son
3/18/2013 23:59:31

To what extent does our health are in interaction with the society?
This article is saying that many pharmaceutical companies are now targeting Africa, especially urban centers. Due to development, which cause urban populations becoming wealthier , they likely to have chronic diseases which Western individuals suffer. If we think generally, suppose that there is a wealthy-country which means it has more wealthier people. Because wealthier people have enough money so they have ability in health care than poor people. But, what does it mean that urban populations, which include many wealthy people, have more likely to have more chronic diseases?


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