Woo Min
4/11/2013 09:54:22 am

According to the article a lot of pythons were hunted down in the Everglades in Florida. The pythons have caused a lot danger to local animals as there are no predators to this mighty creature. He devoured all of rabbit and fox. It also drove some other animals such as possum is near extinct in the everglades.
However, dose this mean that humans beings, the mankind should interfere with the natural order? If so, to what extant can mankind disrupt the natural order?
I personally think that human intervention to the natural environmental system is a welcoming thing. These days, most of the environmental disaster is either caused by human, or happened as a side effect of human interaction with the environment. The python crisis was also most probable by foreign pet released into wilderness. If it was the humans who caused the problems, is it not only natural for them to protect all the organisms endangered by it and solve the problems as it is just merely correcting the wrong?
On the other hand, wildness is all about the survival of the fittest. The strong fest on the weak and it is their right. Snakes are already one animal on the cycle of food chain in the Everglades. With the many animals missing, we don't know what will happen if the pythons were to go missing. At least, currently the ecosystem is holding.


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