Min Jun Sun
10/20/2012 07:14:50 pm

What i have considered and thought about while reading this article is "China is using force to ban online ivory trade, but is act of banning online ivory trade by using government's force is good?" I was considering about this questions because the article has stated although the online trade has been closed, but because of this, many more illegal stores has been set up, continuing and increasing the amount of ivory being traded. Moreover, is people killing elephants and achieving their ivory for business is ethical act? Just because we are more powerful and is the highest predator, does this give us the right to kill other animal for un-necessary reason? All living creatures have the right to live in Earth, but what and who gives us the right to kill elephant and acquire its ivory?
Rather than only thinking for our own benefits, we should consider what we can do to preserve the nature. Last but not least, seriously consider about whether the act of killing and acquiring elephant's ivory for one's living is an ethical behavior.

Catherine Kim
4/10/2013 09:38:23 pm

In this article, it is clearly shown that how evil and covet after riches. Not only elephants, but also the other animals are suffering from hunting. Mostly people are hunting the animals for their own benefits. and over hunting might lead to extinction of species. As the article mentioned, people are hunting a lot of elephants to get ivory from them. What's more, the serious problem is they are doing that illegally. To get small part of the animal, they are killing, taking their lives. Can we say this is ethical? As I said before, not only elephant, but also the other animals, such as deer, bear, birds, and etc. are suffering from illegal hunting by human. They kill bear because they think gall bladder of a bear is good for health. But there is no study about the gall bladder of a bear, and even worse, it can harm the body. However, illegal hunters keep hunting so they wish they can make more money by selling those unproved things to the other people. and it seems this business gets larger and larger. People should awareness their actions, and should not ignore the value of the animals.


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