MinJun Kim
10/25/2012 02:47:32 am

First, by reading this article, i felt it is very dangerous. Because nanoparticles are not known very well to scientists nor to people. We don't even know what will this particles cause to the environment. Also in the articel they are talking as if nanoparticles are clean and safe to use. I hope this is true, hence scientists have been introducing new chemical to people and in result this caused harmfulness to environment. I guess by reading this article improving more on skimmer is better choice than experimenting with not proven chemicals.

Yeonho HONG
11/8/2012 01:19:17 pm

the oil split itself is very harmful to environment. However, the oil is limited invaluable resource. According to article by using the nano magnet tech, people can regain the oil. However, is this technology can prevent any harmful factors to environment? I dont think so. How do we actually judge the value of oil and environment? Just a short term or long term?


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