4/7/2013 09:13:27 pm

To what extent should the "Solar Suitcase" be used to save the lives of women during childbirth?

First, I would like to commend Ms. Stachel on providing these suitcases to improve the chances of women surviving childbirth. It is great to see people actually doing something in the world.

Every tool has its' own limitations and degrading time. Even though the invention here is brilliant, it should not be relied on as a source of power. This is so because even if they have plenty of these suitcases, and there is no sun, then they are all just some heavy paperweights. Also, solar panels are very expensive and there are certain people that would be willing to steal it from the hospital. This would be so because Nigeria is not one of the best places to live currently.

Degrading time is also an important factor because like all tools or existing items, the older it gets, the likelihood of it breaking down. Not to mention, exogenous factors may come into play and could cause damage to the invention, thus promoting the need for repairs or replacements.

Overall, this suitcase was an excellent idea. However, it should not be the focus of all energy and the inventors have to think of the long run. Possibly inventing better and cheaper "Solar Suitcases."


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